IRC: Conversations in Biophotonics

IRC: Conversations is a new initiative that aims to bring together faculty from across campus around interdisciplinary research themes.
IRC: Conversations in Biophotonics is the inaugural event in the series. The cost is free, but space is limited so register here.

IRC: Conversations in Biophotonics

Chaired by Professor Laura Marcu  

Join us for a full day of networking activities, learn more about funding mechanisms, building collaborations and learning about the most recent advances and opportunities in the field of Biophotonics research.

Keynote Speakers

  • Dr. Eugene Arthurs, CEO, International Society for Optics and Photonics (SPIE)
  • Dr. John Charles, Chief Scientist, NASA Human Research Program
  • Dr. Robert J. Nordstrom, Branch Chief, Image Guided Intervention, The Cancer Imaging Program, NIH-NCI
  • Dr. Michelle Freund, Scientific Program Coordinator, Office of Technology Development and Coordination, NIH-NIMH


8:15am     Registration/Check-In
Coffee and refreshments will be provided 
8:45am     Welcome Remarks 
      Dr. Ted WunAssociate Dean for Research, School of Medicine.

Professor Laura MarcuBiomedical Engineering and Neurological Surgery; Co-Lead, Comprehensive Cancer Center Biomedical Technology Program.


 9:00am      SESSION I – Biophotonics, Sustaining the Endless Frontier
      Keynote Speaker: Dr. Eugene Arthurs, CEO, SPIE


9:50am     SESSION II – Biophotonics in Medicine 
       Keynote Speaker: Dr. Robert Nordstrom, NIH-NCI
10:35am     Break 
 10:45am     Flash Talks and Discussion Panel
       Session Lead: Professor D. Gregory Farwell


      D. Gregory Farwell, MD FACS

Professor and Chair, Department of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery

  The role of image guidance in surgery
      Michael J Campbell, MD, FACS

Assistant Professor of Surgery, Section of Endocrine Surgery; Cancer Center.

  Optical diagnostics in thyroid surgery
      Jeffrey A. Southard, MD, FACC

Director – TAVR Program; Associate Professor of Cardiology

  Using light to see inside the coronaries
      Richard Levenson, MD 

Professor and Vice Chair for Strategic Technologies, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine.

  Pathology, Present and Future 
      Erik R. Wisner, DVM 

Professor, Surgical and Radiological Sciences; Director, Veterinary Center for Clinical Trials

  Veterinary clinical trials to inform and accelerate human clinical studies
12:00pm     Break, please collect lunch and come back to the room 
12:20pm     SESSION III – New Frontiers in Biophotonics
      Keynote Speaker: Dr. John Charles, Chief Scientist, NASA Human Research Program
 1:20pm     SESSION IV – Technology Development in Biophotonics 
      Flash Talks and Discussion Panel 
      Session Lead: Professor Andre Knoesen 


      Simon Cherry, Ph.D.

Distinguished Professor, Biomedical Engineering

  Photonics in biomedical imaging: Let there be light
      Nick Leaf

Graduate Student, Computer Science; VIDI Lab

  Visualization techniques for biomedical research
      Xiadong Zhu, Ph.D.

Professor, Physics

  Label-free sensing thousands of biomolecular reactions on solid supports in real time
      Weijian Yang, Ph.D.   Playing the cortical piano in 3D: two-photon holographic optogenetics of neural circuits in vivo
2:10pm     SESSION V – Biophotonics in Neuroscience 
      Keynote Speaker: Dr. Michelle Freund, NIH-NIMH 
2:55pm     Break 
3:10pm     Flash Talks and Discussion Panel 
      Session Leads: Professor Vivek Srinivasan and Professor Lin Tian 


      Lin Tian, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine

  BRAIN Initiative at UC Davis, an Overview
      Robert J. Zawadzki, Ph.D.

Associated Research Professor, Ophthalmology

  EyePod Imaging Laboratory
      Karen Zito, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior

  Probing synapse and circuit plasticity with two-photon imaging of novel optogenetic sensors
      James Trimmer, Ph.D.

Professor, Physiology and Membrane Biology

  Nanobodies for neuroscience: development of a toolbox of multifunctional reagents to accelerate the study of the brain
4:10pm     SESSION VI – New Opportunities in Biophotonics Research and Applications
      Session Lead: Professor Andrew Waterhouse 


      Andrew Waterhouse, Ph.D.

Professor, Viticulture and Enology

  Biophotonics and Wine
      James Chan, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, NSF Center for Biophotonics

  I/UCRC Center for Biophtonic Sensors and Systems
      David Slaughter, Ph.D.

Professor, Biological and Agricultural Engineering; Director, SmartFarm Initiative

  Biophotonics for the farm of the future
      Eugene Arthurs, Ph.D.


  Emerging Applications of Biophotonics
      Discussion panel: A. Waterhouse, J. Chan, D. Slaughter, E. Arthurs
5:00pm     Closing Remarks    


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